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How does a 100-year old community bank that prides itself on personal relationships stay relevant?

Good question.

That’s what Brentwood Bank pondered after traditional branch visits plummeted.


Our answer: redefine the meaning of banking relationships.

 In research, the younger growth audience said they want a relationship with their money. Not their bank. And to be relevant, an institution must show it can help consumers digitally self-manage routine financial needs


Branches still held purpose, too. But not for cashing checks or teller chit-chat. Consumers saw branches as resource centers that delivered face-to-face solutions for items such as mortgages and  small business lines of credit – the things they’ll need


Helping people avoid branches and merrily go about their lives everyday, while providing the personal financial answers they’ll need someday.


And so, a campaign was born.


The two days that count.

“Everyday and someday.”


Show consumers you respect and honor their needs - on their terms – and these two days can make all the different.



Did it work?


uptick in checking deposits


boost in business checking accounts


spike in home equity loans

Because it doesn’t matter if branch visits don’t come back, as long as customers do.

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