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There’s a really great name for elderly people:

Many senior living providers forget this.
The Bristal doesn't.

With the most senior living communities in the NYC Metro, it’s a critical difference they need to communicate. That’s why The Bristal entrusted Calaveras with their new branding effort.

Our discovery showed that society’s expectations for elderly Americans dwindle with age. Pretty soon their own expectations fall with it.


The result: interests that have sustained their identities for a lifetime slip from something they “do” to something they “did.”

But that’s not the case at The Bristal.

They view residents’ individuality as a strength and work hard to help them pursue and share the unique passions that create a sense of self.

We captured this insight in The Bristal’s new positioning line: “We see you here.” It’s The Bristal’s promise to peer beyond the wrinkles and recognize the timeless essence in everyone they serve. 

Because who you truly are should never grow old.


When interests fade, so do people. Which is why The Bristal actively embraces the opposite of both.


The things that make you “you” should last a lifetime.

This isn’t just important to residents. It’s critical to their adult children that are so often the first ones to contact The Bristal.

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