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Approx. 80% of U.S. small businesses only have one employee:

The Owner.
And that number is growing.

Know what isn’t growing?
The resources to help them succeed.

Enter Entrepreneurs Forever. They’re the only program in the nation using peer-to-peer learning to help micro-businesses grow and flourish. But before Entrepreneurs Forever could do the same thing, they had to get their own brand house in order.

Enter Calaveras. We quickly realized what makes EF work: the unique mix of real-time education and positive reinforcement therapy that happens when small business owners learn to overcome struggles together.

We suffused this value of collective learning throughout the brand, positioning EF’s real-world approach as the antithesis of more traditional (and intimidating) educational options. 


New I.D.

The logo with stylized infinity symbol supports the fact that this is a “forever” program, providing learning as long as small business owners need it. While the tag is an overt nod to the power and confidence the peer-to-peer learning program provides. 



Codifying an experience, not just style.

We take brand guides seriously. So, we create them to catalogue the emotional essence of the brand and the strategic pillars that make it possible. This allows us to build tactical elements with far more purpose. And a brand with far more punch.

EFBrandGuide Sample.png

There’s no such thing as education marketing.

No matter the category, the same tenets apply: make it human, insightful, motivating. And ditch the cliches. That’s just what we did for Entrepreneurs Forever.


Here, owners are never alone.

Entrepreneurs Forever’s hallmark is peer-to-peer learning. Small business owners get together to discuss real-world challenges, create solutions and support each other. And it happens all the time, not just in monthly meetings. Our work brought this to life, showing how owners stay close, even when they’re not.

Watch the spots below.



A website is a powerful piece of communication. Getting it right means deeply understanding your target, what they want, and how they wish to receive it. We developed the critical UX elements of site map, wireframes, design and messaging, then relied on our brilliant partners at Responsival to bring the site to life. Entrepreneurs Forever loved it. More importantly, their target audience did, too.



Way beyond talking heads.

Telling your story by talking straight to a camera for 5 minutes isn’t a testimonial. It’s a deposition. We do the exact opposite, as our work for Entrepreneurs


The results:

The message has helped them blossom from a local organization into a super-regional (and soon to be national) entity spreading their own gospel of small business success to more than a thousand members.

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