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Almost 20 million Americans battle substance abuse.

And it’s rising.

Know what’s not rising? The number of treatment options.

Wellbridge is working to change all that.

They use high-powered research to create new and effective paths to recovery. It’s something they understand well. Our job? Making sure people in need of help understand it, too.


to the

Other side.

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The Other Side

What is the other side of addiction treatment?

People know that the other side of addiction is recovery. But ask them what the other side of addiction treatment is, and they have no idea. It’s understandable. Addiction treatment has long taken the form of 12-step programs and other time-honored traditions. And that’s OK. But it also leads to the belief that these are the only options available. And that’s not OK.


So, we created this starkly simple campaign to show that there’s a progressive science-based side to addiction treatment. And if people want their best chance at recovery, it’s time they crossed over to it at Wellbridge.


Social Media

With a little imagination, we turned our print executions into eye-catching social media content that raise eyebrows. Not budget levels.

Social Media

That the good thing about a cost-effective video approach: you can do a lot of them.


In a crowded marketplace like the New York City DMA, you need to cut through. And with the results we attained, it’s safe to say we did.



meet road.



Sustained increase in patient inquiries


Potential revenue represented by daily volume of daily patient leads.


Qualified daily patient leads.


The number of new addition treatment studies increased revenue is helping fund.

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